Special Collection: “Pride and Prejudice”

We are honored to announce that 2HappyGays.com has been invited to participate in an exhibit at the Zandvoorts Museum as textile artists! The exhibit is entitled “Pride and Prejudice” and is part of the annual Pride at the Beach celebration in Zandvoort, a beautiful coastal town here in The Netherlands. Rene Zuiderveld and Andre Donker, the curators of the exhibit, have selected an assortment of LGBTQ artists (full list at the end of this post) to display work they feel represents the theme of the exhibit.

As these two happy gays sat down to discuss what “Pride and Prejudice” meant to us, we talked about so many different things – love, celebration, unity, struggle, remembrance, the future. In the end, we landed on the three concepts you see below: “Love is Love,” “Remember Stonewall,” and “This is My Protest Shirt.” You can click on each shirt to read more about the inspiration behind each design and what it means to us.

We have created these designs specifically for the exhibit, so they will only be available from today until the day the exhibit ends, on 25 August 2019.

We have also decided to donate €5 from every shirt we sell to Rainbow Railroad, an outstanding organization whose mission is to help persecuted LGBTQ individuals from places where they face state-enabled harassment and violence as they seek a safe haven. Since 2006, Rainbow Railroad has helped more than 600 individuals escape to safety and freedom— averaging 200 people helped in each of the last two years. You can read more on them and their life-saving work below.

In addition to donating €5 from the sale of each design, we are creating a special, very limited rainbow edition of our “Love is Love” design. We will only print 25 of these shirts. 100% of the sales price – what you pay for the shirt – will be donated to Rainbow Railroad, with the goal of raising €1,000 through the rainbow edition shirts. 2HappyGays.com is covering/donating our costs: materials, supplies and labor. Click here to order yours today and feel pride knowing that your entire purchase will help Rainbow Railroad bring people to safety.

Whether you believe Pride should be a party or a protest or both, at the core of Pride is hope. The progress we’ve made gives us hope. We fight because we have hope that we can change things. We come together to celebrate and to protest because we hope that as a community of LGBTQ and our allies, we are stronger together.

These two happy gays wish you all a very happy and safe Pride season. Let’s always strive to love, support and be good to each other. Let’s remember and give thanks to those who paved the hard road on which we continue to march today. Let’s continue to fight prejudice and end stigma wherever and whenever we witness it. And of course, let’s do all we can to Spread Happy.

– Justin and Matt

(Below is a video we also created for the exhibit that plays on a loop next to our t-shirts.)

Rainbow Railroad

Want to do more to help? Donate directly by clicking here!

The below is an excerpt from RainbowRailroad.org:

“In countries all over the world, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI) people live in basic fear for their freedom, their safety and their lives. They often have nowhere to turn because their government and police not only tolerate but encourage this brutality.

Rainbow Railroad exists to help these people get out of danger to somewhere safe. In the spirit of and with homage to the Underground Railroad, the mission of Rainbow Railroad is to help LGBTQI people as they seek safe haven from state-enabled violence, murder or persecution. Through funds collected by people like you, we’re able to support, provide information, and help to arrange safe transportation for these LGBTQI people to somewhere in the world where they can live their lives in freedom.”

The below is a playlist of clips from a recent 60 Minutes segment devoted to the work of Rainbow Railroad.

“Pride and Prejudice” Artists

Here is a Full List of the Artists Selected for the Exhibit:

  • Frans Franciscus
  • Jaap de Jonge
  • Jurrie de Vries
  • Jürgen Lips
  • Darija Q van de Koppel
  • Pablo Burgos
  • Sarai van de Boel
  • DonkerLaar
  • Gabriel Batenburg/Project Zuiderburg
  • Froukje van Tetterode
  • Mark Haagmans
  • Lidy Jacobs
  • 2HappyGays.com

As well as selected art from the curators of the exhibit:

  • André Donker
  • René Zuiderveld

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