Happy4Good: Pride 2021 Donations

The third year of our Happy4Good: Pride Edition fundraising campaign has ended. Thank you to everyone who bought a shirt and helped to support two wonderful Dutch-based organizations: Pink Marrakech and The Dusty Foundation. We committed to donating €10 from every shirt we sold to support their important work: With 49 shirts sold, we raised €490!

To show even more support for the work of these great organizations, we have decided to match what we raised during our Happy4Good campaign. Each organization is therefore receiving €490, for a grand total of €980!

If you haven’t yet heard of these organizations, we encourage you to check them out and donate directly if you feel extra generous today. Pink Marrakech is a fantastic foundation that is committed to social acceptance, safety and well-being of Dutch-Moroccan LGBTQI+ people. They make sensitive themes such as shame, fear, prejudice, and ignorance around sexual orientation a topic for discussion within the Dutch-Moroccan LGBTQI+ community and support, guide, and help Dutch-Moroccan LGBTQI+ people who have difficulty expressing their feelings and sexual orientation. Pink Marrakech also brings people together, connects people with relevant aid organizations, and provides mental and physical help to Dutch-Moroccan LGBTQI+ people who are not in a safe environment because of their identity and/or their sexual preference. (Learn more and donate directly here.)

The Dusty Foundation is committed to assisting victims of LGBTI+violence throughout The Netherlands. The foundation also supports projects that take a stand to address violence against the rainbow community. (Learn more and donate directly here.)

Again, thank you for helping us to keep our tradition of fundraising during Pride season going strong for the third year. We can’t wait until Pride 2022!


– Justin and Matt

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