Hoi en Welkom!

Our names are Matt and Justin Adams. A few years back, we decided to change everything in our lives. We committed ourselves to finding out what made us most happy and then figuring out how to rebuild our lives around it. We knew this journey would require some tough choices and big sacrifices, but we felt we needed to embrace a new life goal: be happy and spread happy.

In May 2017, we sold everything we owned and emigrated from the United States of America to the Netherlands. We founded a Dutch company, Happy Adams B.V., so we could experiment with different kinds of work that made us happy. A little over a year later, in October 2018, we launched 2HappyGays.com — a company dedicated to creating and hand-printing limited collections of high-quality t-shirts.

We love t-shirts. We believe they help express to the world a little something about who we are as individuals. They can be wearable art and push boundaries. They can be conversation starters and make people laugh out loud. Most important to us, putting on a great t-shirt can make you happy. Discovering that we could have fun creating t-shirts that made other people happy…it felt like a perfect fit for us.

Our Guiding Principles

As we began working to make 2HappyGays.com a reality, we first agreed on a set of principles that would ground us as a company – principles that would help to clearly define who we wanted to be and what our customers could expect from us. Those principles are:

Be happy and spread happy. We started this company because making t-shirts makes us happy and because we want to spread happy out into the world. All the designs we feature will be positive in nature, regardless if they focus on love, leather, kink or anything in between.

Start small and stay small. This company is just us two and that’s the biggest we want it to be. We are personally invested in every t-shirt we make for our customers – from creating and burning the design onto the screen, to pulling the ink, to packaging and shipping the box. We will never grow or expand at the expense of that personal touch or the quality we provide. Our goal is to be happy and proud of what we do, not become millionaires.

Create something fun and make it unique. We intentionally limit the number of t-shirts we make from each design and sell worldwide to a maximum of 250. For some designs we will make far less. Our goal here is to create something special for our customers — something that is created by hand with intention and care instead of being mass produced for mass profit. We know how happy it makes us to step out the door with a unique t-shirt on and know we won’t see 10 other people wearing it. We want our customers to step out and be unique — to feel that same kind of happy.

Take risks. We are creating a small business and a brand that genuinely makes us happy — that will mean taking a bunch of risks and breaking some basic business rules. Some people will not like our t-shirt designs. Some people might get upset because we limit our t-shirt production and a certain design is sold out before they could order it. Some people may not understand why we need 7 – 10 days to process an order or why our t-shirts cost a bit more than others out there. That’s all ok. We are putting a form of wearable art out into the world – and with any art there will be fans and there will be critics. No matter what, we are going to make t-shirts that make us happy and focus our energy and attention on spreading that happy to those who embrace it.

Be artisan. We print our shirts on demand and we do everything by hand. That means when you click to order, we get an email and get to work. There is no outsourcing and no automation. There is no warehouse of pre-made shirts we pull from or a machine that fulfills your order. It’s just us – Justin and Matt – and our ink-stained hands on every order that we fulfill.

Be Xtra. Whether it’s personality or size, we love guys that are Xtra. When we plan out our collections, we make sure to include bold ink and t-shirt colors and designs that push boundaries. We are also committed to making each design available in sizes up to and including 5XL at the same price. We believe that being Xtra shouldn’t cost Xtra.

Be kind to people and the environment. We care deeply about people and about the environment. The t-shirt’s we print on are made by companies with some of the industry’s highest certifications guaranteeing that workers get paid living wages and have safe working conditions and that they use environmentally-safe dyes and production techniques. We also choose to use only water-based textile inks that contain absolutely no toxins, are completely safe for the environment and require no harsh cleaning supplies. The materials we use are more costly and require a bit more work to acquire and use, but in the end they create a product we’re proud of.

Always get better. We are faaaaaar from perfect. After a year+ into screenprinting we may feel confident in where we are with our skills, but we are even more eager and excited to learn and grow as artists and craftsmen in this trade. We will always strive to be better and find ways to make the products we create and sell better and better as well.

We chose to take a leap and change everything in our lives to find our happy. We hope to share some of that happy with you.


Happy Adams B.V.
Binckhorstlaan 135 D-1
2516BA Den Haag, Zuid-Holland

Email: store [at ] 2happygays.com