Hoi en Welkom!

Our names are Matt and Justin Adams. A few years back, we decided to change everything in our lives. We committed ourselves to finding out what made us most happy and then figuring out how to rebuild our lives around it. We knew this journey would require some tough choices and big sacrifices, but we felt we needed to embrace a new life goal: be happy and spread happy.

In May 2017, we sold everything we owned and emigrated from the United States of America to the Netherlands. We founded a Dutch company, Happy Adams B.V., so we could experiment with different kinds of work that made us happy. A little over a year later, in October 2018, we launched 2HappyGays.com — a company dedicated to creating and hand-printing limited collections of high-quality t-shirts.

We love t-shirts. We believe they help express to the world a little something about who we are as individuals. They can be wearable art and push boundaries. They can be conversation starters and make people laugh out loud. Most important to us, putting on a great t-shirt can make you happy. Discovering that we could have fun creating t-shirts that made other people happy…it felt like a perfect fit for us.


Happy Adams B.V.
Gentiaanstraat 26
6026VK Maarheeze, Noord-Brabant

Email: store [at ] 2happygays.com